FrancescaFrancesca Z Designs is inspired by the interconnectivity of nature, art, and the universe. Everyday the sensations of the world transforms our perceptions into something magical. Intrigued by symbology and ancient mysteries, the designer weaves cosmic geometry in a tapestry of reflections on celestial harmonies. Francesca Z Designs recognizes profound beauty in common shapes and patterns and is not afraid of sharp corners.

"I became a metalsmith when I was traveling through Mexico during my Saturn return. While living in Chiapas, the local Chiapanecan artisans taught me how to make jewelry with limited tools. I learned how to weave a chain with a two-by-four and a nail, while using seven fingers. I also learned how to manipulate coral with boiling water and a lighter. These experiences sparked different synapses in my brain that ultimately changed my fate and lead me to become a jeweler." - Francesca Zumbo

A believer in the power of alchemy, the designer practices living life creatively with balance and harmony.  Work hard, then let go.  Ebb and flow.  Francesca Z Designs intends to beautify and bring forth the best abilities in oneself with assistance of our sacred resources from our beloved Earth and cosmos.  The artist collaborates with her partner, Nicky Holmes.  Holmes etches one-of-a-kind pieces together creating magical jewelry art.


Mi ragazza Chiara says she loves her new “space-tribal” jewelry #francescazdesigns #francescazdesigns pic by @shotbyguerrilla styled by @la_serena_demavivas and @francescazdesigns Ouroboros Bronze Lost-Wax Cast Snake Ring is an ancient symbol depicting a serpent eating its own tail. Symbolically meaning the eternal return of something constantly re-creating itself. It also represents the infinite cycle of nature's endless creation and destruction, life and death #francescazdesigns Bling! w @maniacalmicah pic by @shotbyguerrilla styled by @la_serena_demavivas and @francescazdesigns #francescazdesigns Symbolic rings #francescazdesigns video by @shotbyguerrilla Today is my first day studying sculptural jewelry with these fine folks. This studio is the product of three generations of metalsmithing ANDROMEDA 2018 LOOKBOOK coming soon shot by @shotbyguerrilla w @maniacalmicah styled by @la_serena_demavivas and @francescazdesigns #francescazdesigns Aquila Pyrite Geometric Brass Necklace >>
Aquila is a bird who has the power to bring rain and is the keeper of Zeus' lightning bolts.
Pyrite is a fire stone. It is a unique protector, creating a defensive shield against negative energies, emotional attack and physical harm. It also supports one with a spirit of boldness and assertive action #francescazdesigns Product shoot today w @shotbyguerrilla New website by @shotbyguerrilla coming soon!! Yeeee!! #francescazdesigns Andromeda Octagram Onyx Midi Ring >>the divine number 8 is symbolic as it represents a new beginning, a resurrection from the dead, always one step above the natural order #francescazdesigns #midiring #symbolicjewelry. Onyx is strength-giving. It provides support during difficult times aligning your energy with a higher power that facilitates being master of one’s destiny #occultjewelry Sneek peak cont’d w gorgeous @maniacalmicah and my fav photographer @shotbyguerrilla styled by @la_serena_demavivas and @francescazdesigns #francescazdesigns Behind the scenes w the bestest crew I could ever ask for..pure magic w/ @shotbyguerrilla @la_serena_demavivas @maniacalmicah #francescazdesigns thx Xavier and @hahcouture for your assistance 💕